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 Banking Integration: Embracing Tomorrow’s Innovations and Opportunities


Two paths, one destination: success. Which route will lead your business to greater heights? RISE with SAP or GROW with SAP?


How Grow With SAP Enhance India’s Mid-Sized Companies and Startups

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The Vision Pro will get Apple Intelligence and “Go Deeper” in-store demos

1 Mins read
For all its impressive technical chops, Apple’s all-singing, all-dancing Vision Pro hasn’t set the world on fire. But it’s early yet, and the company…

Here comes a Meta Ray-Bans challenger with ChatGPT-4o and a camera

1 Mins read
If you want a pair of glasses with hands-free video recording and an AI voice assistant, there aren’t a lot of options,…

The FCC wants to make it easier to unlock cellphones

1 Mins read
The chair of the Federal Communications Commission proposed a new rule that could make it easier for consumers to unlock their cellphones….

The New York Times’ excellent word search game is now in its Games app

1 Mins read
Strands, The New York Times’ very good word search game, has been officially added to the NYT’s Games app on iOS and Android. For…

Microsoft’s canceled Xbox cloud console gets detailed in new patent

1 Mins read
A few years ago, Microsoft was planning to launch a dedicated Xbox cloud console, codenamed Keystone. The device looked like a miniature…

Steam is getting an official controller, but Valve isn’t making it

1 Mins read
Nearly five years after Valve discontinued its experimental Steam Controller, a new officially licensed gamepad for Steam is on the way. The new…
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