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Scan Data Engineer

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Job Description:

PAR Stuzo, with its Open Commerce product suite and patent pending Wallet Steering System, empowers Convenience & Fuel Retailers to gain more share of wallet and customer lifetime value than possible with any other solution provider. Stuzo’s unified Open Commerce product suite consists of: Activate for Intelligent 1:1 Loyalty, Transact for Contactless Commerce, and Experience for Cross-Channel Customer Experiences. Stuzo’s solutions are supported by a set of subscription-based program management services and are contractually backed by its 1.5X Performance Guarantee.

Who You Are:

We are seeking a skilled and proactive Support Engineer Scan Data with expertise in Node.js and intermediate SQL to join our team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of our scan data processes, submitting files, correcting errors, and ensuring the smooth running of our systems. Proficiency in Python is a plus.

Responsibilities + Activities:

Oversee and manage week-over-week and day-over-day scan data processes to ensure the timely submission and processing of data files.

Monitor system performance and respond to issues promptly to maintain smooth operations.

Other operational tasks as assigned by management.

File Management:

Submit and manage scan data files, ensuring accuracy and completeness.

Identify, diagnose, and correct errors in file submissions and data processing.

System Maintenance:

Perform regular maintenance tasks to ensure the reliability and performance of scan data systems.

Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues related to Node.js applications and SQL databases used in scan data processing.

Development and Scripting:

Develop and maintain scripts and tools using Node.js to automate routine tasks and improve operational efficiency for scan data processes.

Utilize intermediate SQL skills to manage and query databases effectively, ensuring accurate scan data handling.

Python knowledge is a plus for additional scripting and automation tasks.


Document all operational procedures, error corrections, and maintenance activities meticulously.

Maintain detailed records of system configurations, changes, and troubleshooting steps specific to scan data operations

Collaboration and Communication:

Work closely with other technical staff, third parties, support teams, and clients to address technical issues and requirements related to scan data.

Communicate effectively with stakeholders to provide updates and gather feedback on scan data processes.

Experience & Skills You’ll Need:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering, or a related field; or equivalent experience.

Proven experience as a Support Engineer or in a similar operational role, with a focus on scan data solutions or similar systems.

Experience with Node.js development and intermediate SQL.

Proficiency in Node.js for developing and maintaining applications and scripts for scan data processes.

Intermediate SQL skills for querying and updating data, specifically for scan data.

Familiarity with SFTP, POS systems, and data processing workflows.

Basic understanding of Python is a plus.

Excellent documentation skills with a keen eye for detail.

Ability to create clear and concise technical documents, user manuals, and procedural guides specific to scan data operations.

Familiarity with scan data processes with consumer packaged goods.

Proficiency in managing and utilizing UPC codes and maintaining comprehensive product catalogs.

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