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Microsoft’s canceled Xbox cloud console gets detailed in new patent

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A few years ago, Microsoft was planning to launch a dedicated Xbox cloud console, codenamed Keystone. The device looked like a miniature Xbox Series S, a small white box that was dedicated to accessing Xbox games over the company’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service. Microsoft eventually canceled its plans to launch Keystone, but a new patent gives us the best look at what the Xbox cloud console would have looked like.

Spotted by Windows Central, the patent reveals that Keystone would have shipped with an HDMI port, ethernet, and a power connector. At the front, there was an Xbox button, a controller pairing button, and a USB-A port. Underneath, Microsoft had a circular “Hello from Seattle” plate that the console sat on, similar to what it uses on the larger Xbox Series X.

The patent, filed in 2022, is assigned to Chris Kujawski, a principal designer at Microsoft. Kujawski led the design for the Xbox Series S / X consoles.

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