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Service Technician

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Service Technician

Company: Altice, USA


As a Field Service Technician, you’re our tech-savvy brand ambassador. You’ll be responsible for providing the highest level of service to our clients through installations, changes, repairs, and disconnections of cable services, including video, data, and telephone. As the face of AUSA in our customers’ homes, you’ll troubleshoot any issues and educate them on new and existing products and services to benefit their experience.

About the company:

We are Altice USA ; a family of businesses that includes Optimum, Suddenlink, Optimum Mobile, Optimum Business, A4 advertising, Cheddar, and News12. Our common goal is connecting our customers to friends and family, shows they love, advertising that resonates and news that matters. We’re building a workforce that thrives on collaboration, inclusion, and innovation. We hope connecting you to a potential role is just the beginning. Working at Altice USA means pushing boundaries and trying things we never thought were possible. This is the team of the future. We don’t want to sound like we’re bragging but we were selected by Forbes Magazine as one of “America’s Best Employers.” OK, we’re bragging.

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