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Intel Innovation

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Together, with the developer and tech ecosystem,  we’re creating open ecosystems, delivering choice in solutions and building a foundation of trust – unlocking a world of new possibilities. Join us and explore the latest breakthroughs in tech-accelerating computing.

With workshops, labs, and technical skill building at the centre, this is where tech geeks gather, collaborate, and share their plans for the future. #IntelON

By attending Intel Innovation 2022, you’ll walk away with:

  • Deeper skill-building across the stack
  • Access to developer toolkits and SDKs
  •  More tools to increase your revenue, like open source, software development, methodologies, and practices.
  •  Actionable insights around sustainability
  •  Valuable networking you can take into the future In-depth technical discussions around today’s hottest topics including Al, 5G, edge, cloud, and security
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