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Reddit will make it simpler to build excellent bots.

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Reddit is developing a new gateway to give programmers the tools they require to make bots and other types of third-party products. Reddit said in a blog post that it is starting a wait list for the beta of its developer platform, which enables developers to reuse apps across other communities and host bots for free.

If you use Reddit frequently, you may already be familiar with some of the more well-known bots on the site, such as u/RemindMeBot, which sends you a message to remind you about a specific post or remark at a particular time. Additionally, there are bots that summarize Wikipedia articles and even turn platform videos into links that can be downloaded.

According to Reddit, platform developers “work mostly as segregated resources” and receive “minimal resources and ad-hoc support” at the moment. Through the development of specialized tools for developers on its new platform, Reddit hopes to address this problem.

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