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DevOps Engineer, Tech Lead

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DevOps Engineer, Tech Lead

 Company: Request Technology, LLC

Key Responsibilities

• Create and maintain automation for the run-time environment for Nimble Development Methodology (NDM) solutions

• Automate provisioning of computing, network, and storage resources in the environment

• Create and maintain the software deployment automation solution

• Implement inventory management for the NDM environment

• Define, implement, and facilitate interface solutions with enterprise service management systems

• Collaborate with divisional software developers to maximize developer productivity via NDM

• Provide leadership and subject matter expertise in deployment for the developer community

• Maintain production environment’s integrity embracing the extended support model

• You will thrive on developing, maintaining, and extending Nimble’s automation fabric and enhancing tools for Project workflow, Source code and artefacts management, development workflow, continuous build and integration, test automation, and continuous delivery and deployments.

About the Company

Request Technology’s IT Professionals and Executive Recruiters have established Associates, each with years of in-depth experience, many of whom have considerable practical industry experience. We stay abreast of trends —which offers their clients and resources extensive knowledge of what is going on in their industry and field.

At Request Technology, their IT professionals partner with clients – which primarily include Fortune 500 companies, as well as ambitious entrepreneurial businesses whose growth and success offer exciting opportunities for our resources. Potential candidates and their clients invest significantly in their IT resources while providing their organizations with the latest technologies resulting in significant development and career advancement opportunities. With each engagement, they gain a detailed understanding of the environment, culture, and needs of the client allowing them to be sensitive to the types of personalities and skill sets that will find their clients’ organizations fulfilling.

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