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Telemedicine Unplugged: vs Vsee

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The concept of Telemedicine is not new to the world. However, the world is seeing its full potential in the last few years. If we have to define what the concept of telemedicine is – it can be defined as providing healthcare accessibility remotely. It is the process of having healthcare professionals provide convenient care even in the remotest of locations. With the help of telecommunication, healthcare professionals can analyze, diagnose, and treat patients immediately and efficiently. Using software and electronic communications, the software can provide solutions for patients without having them visit the clinic.

With the development of various telemedicine technologies, healthcare professionals are now facing the peculiar situation of having to choose the right solution that is best suitable for them and their patients. Before we dwell deep into the vs Vsee debate, here are a few pointers everyone must consider before choosing a telemedicine software:

  • Telemedicine solutions basically come in three different types – patient-oriented, physician-centric, and hospital-based. It is imperative to look at each of them in detail and choose the one that best fits the requirements.

  • Practices and physicians must look at their business goals and see what fits best with their current and future objectives.

  • It is equally important for practices to approach different providers and discuss the solutions they are offering. Once the specifications are streamlined, the process of choosing the solution becomes easier.

At a time when there are a plethora of options, it is of paramount importance for practices to dive deep and compare the different offerings that are available in the market. Here, we shall be comparing two of the most prominent telehealth solutions that are available in the market – vs Vsee.

What is works on the belief of giving healthcare access to everyone through telemedicine. It is also working towards making telemedicine affordable for patients and doctors, for every individual, irrespective of their geographical boundaries.

Founded in 2013, has its headquarters in Rochester, NY, United States.

Company website:

What is Vsee?

Vsee is a telemedicine platform that works on the mission of ensuring telemedicine becomes an everyday experience that improves healthcare, offers affordable care, and saves lives. Vsee has numerous prestigious clients that include the likes of McKesson, Optum, GE, Shell, and NASA.

Founded in 2008, Vsee has its headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, United States.

Company website: vs Vsee

Comparison Parameter

Industry – Who is it for? is a comprehensive telehealth solution that is suitable for all healthcare professionals.


Vsee is a web-based telemedicine software that fits the needs of businesses of all sizes.


  • Live Chat
  • Alert Notifications
  • Patient Records Management
  • Reminders
  • File Transfer
  • Payments
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Patient Portal
  • Patient Queue
  • Care Summary
  • Personalized URL
  • Live Chat
  • Alert Notifications
  • Reminders
  • File Transfer
  • Payments
  • HIPAA Compliant

Technical Specifications

  • Online support
  • Support during business hours

Deployment through:

  • SaaS/Web/Cloud
  • Support during business hours

Deployment through:

  •  SaaS/Web/Cloud
  •  Mobile – Android
  •  Mobile – iOS

How it works is very simple to use. Patients need not download any software or don’t need to create an account. They can just click on the room link and check into the scheduled appointment.

To use Vsee, one must first sign-up on their website. After signing up, a patient can look for different healthcare providers, select the one that fits their needs and schedule and appointment. Patients can also wait in the waiting room for on-the-spot visits.


Pricing plans for start at $29 per month, per user.

Pricing plans for Vsee start at $49 per month, per user.


  • is easy to use, both for healthcare providers and for patients.
  • The waiting room feature is extremely useful for healthcare providers, as they are immediately prompted whenever anyone enters a waiting room.
  • The patient does not have to download anything to access anything.
  • The platform is very intuitive for everyone using it.
  • The software is easy to use, and also offers a low bandwidth option.
  • The software works seamlessly across mobile, desktop and laptops.


  •  The visuals sometimes aren’t stable.
  • Patients at times would be unable to access the camera or microphone through the application.
  • The system doesn’t notify when the clients connect in the Vsee system.
  • Customer support is not always reliable.

Other top telemedicine software alternatives

Practices looking to set up a telehealth solution have a difficult choice to make in the vs Vsee debate. While both of these services are exemplary, here are a few other alternatives that are worth considering:

  • OnCall Health Platform
  • TherapyNotes
  • 100Plus
  • TigerConnect
  • WebPT


One can confidently say that the future scope of telemedicine software solutions is bright. While we speak about vs Vsee, one must also keep in mind human behavior that would play a big part in the acceptance and adoption of the telehealth software. But with a considerable portion of people living in rural areas across the world, the need for proper healthcare is extremely important, and telemedicine holds the potential to offer unparalleled care to everyone, everywhere.

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