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Tech Experience Ambassador

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Tech Experience Ambassador

Company: Flick hospitality group

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide high-level internal and external customer support
  • Intermediate knowledge of A/V technology and comfortable with supporting A/V needs
  • Greet employees and visitors, welcome clients with a smile and maintain eye contact throughout the entire interaction.
  • A Solutions Bar Advisor is the first point of contact for all guests seeking technology support
  • Provides on-site welcome and assistance throughout the scheduled shift for all in-house clients either at the Solutions Bar or in individual meeting rooms
  • Gain a better understanding of customers’ technology issues by asking probing questions, listening, asking clarifying questions, and taking detailed notes, while providing accurate time estimates for the next steps.
  • Work with Experience Team to assist any VIP guests seeking office/meeting room technology support.
  • Responsible for a daily walkthrough of office space and conference rooms to ensure all technology is put away neatly or readily available for any upcoming meetings including client and VIP.
  • Restock supplies for Solutions Bar
  • Hand deliver technology that has recently been repaired or additionally requested to guest’s workspace, office, meeting room, etc.
  • Coordinate and arrange basic office equipment repair and maintenance; escalate to appropriate party when necessary
  • Speak knowledgeably about the office, building, surrounding areas, transportation, local restaurants and other points of interest
  • Provide first-line support for basic office technology as well as general administrative support
  • Interface with vendors to provide seamless customer support
  • Comfortable assisting with any workplace position and showcasing a willingness to help wherever needed; provide unparalleled levels of support to all guests
  • Respond to inquiries and anticipates customer/client needs
  • Communicate effectively with peers, displaying accuracy and attention to detail both in verbal and written communications.

About the Company

What makes FLIK click? Their people. The decisions, actions and attitudes of their associates earn the trust and loyalty of our clients every day. They know how to pick them and they know how to grow them. It starts with hiring people who share their passion for food and hospitality. Once they find the right talent, we encourage, value and recognize their contributions.

They keep their people renewed, excited and engaged by providing hands-on training and educating them about the latest trends. They give them a stake in successfully raising the bar. Their people love what they do and they love sharing their passion. Join their team and see the FLIK difference. Where a job isn’t merely a job but the start of a career where you can flourish.

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