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Microsoft Dev Box is now available for developers to experiment with cloud-powered workstations.

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Microsoft’s cloud-powered workstations, the Microsoft Dev Box, are now accessible to developers in preview mode. Microsoft Dev Box is essentially a simple way for developers to build up powerful cloud PCs for testing applications, as introduced by the software giant earlier this year. Developers may easily access preconfigured workstations with the help of Dev Box’s tools and services.

Microsoft Dev Box is managed by Windows 365, and developers may now rapidly access these Azure Virtual Desktop PCs from any location using a contemporary browser. Any integrated development environment (IDE), software development kit (SDK), or tool that uses Windows will be supported by Microsoft Dev Box machines.

A Microsoft Dev Box outfitted with eight virtual CPUs and 32GB of RAM will be available for developers to preview. The first 15 hours of CPU and memory consumption are free for business users each month, as well as the first 365 hours of a 512GB storage SKU. Developers and enterprises will only be required to pay for what they really use under the final pricing structure. Microsoft intends to bill businesses for computation and storage on an hourly basis.

Computers with up to 32 virtual CPUs and 128GB of RAM will be supported by Microsoft Dev Box. Developers will be able to set up development boxes in their neighborhood Azure regions, and each one comes with gigabit connectivity. For maintaining legacy apps or earlier versions of programs for specific customers, Microsoft has also developed a portal for developers to arrange dev boxes.

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