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Tech Concierge (Entry IT)

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Company: Thrive

Job Description: 

Do you enjoy a structured work environment where your desire to be accurate, thorough, and complete is appreciated and valued? Are you the person who always wants to learn more about your area of expertise, so you can better educate and teach – providing impact through knowledge transfer? Do you need, want and seek variety while under a great deal of pressure, thrive in chaos and still keep your cool to be accurate, thorough and organized? Do you have a competitive/self-starter streak, willing to take initiative after you learn and become knowledgeable about your work, and know the difference between risky behavior and assertive behavior? Do you look for safety first, and work hard to avoid missing critical details while doing what is expected? And lastly, can you turn on the charm realizing the work you do is to get an end result, while establishing that key relationship?

If this is you, we are looking for a Tech Concierge to join our team and help achieve a more structured experience and outcome for our organization and those we serve.

Traits (these are additionally usefully in the work allocated for this opportunity):

Consensus based, collaborative and both a deductive and experiential problem solver.

More important to ‘get it right’ – than to ‘get it done’…getting it right while getting it done is ideal.

Historical and Detailed, your work is so accurate that legal loves you.

Enjoys sharing thoughts through verbal processing or previous experiences related to the similar situation.

Accepts high responsibility while being open to following a strategic leader/plan.

As the subject matter expert, comfortable taking ownership and making decisions with less input, unafraid to “pull the trigger” on most key decisions.

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