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PC Technician

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Job Description- 


1. Install and maintain hardware and peripheral components such as monitors, keyboards, printers, network cards consistent with configuration standards.

2. Load specified software packages such as Microsoft Office and configure for network interface.

3. Perform routine maintenance and run diagnostic programs on workstations and stand-alone computers; Determine scope of maintenance required.

4. Maintain network devices such as printers and dumb terminals.

5. Assist with backup, maintenance and support of network systems as directed.



1. Associates degree or comparable knowledge in technology related field.

2. At least 2+ years prior experience in providing support and administration to at least 50 end users.

3. Experience in communicating and presenting technical concepts to management and non-technical users.

4. Certificates required to prove proficiency in your area of expertise. If not when started will be required for customer satisfaction and company policy.


1. Strong skill in supporting Microsoft applications and general network proficiency.

2. Strong time management, organizational and planning skills.

3. Knowledge of roaming profiles and policies a PLUS with GPO intergration.

Key Competencies:

1. Focus on excellent customer service and needs of the user community must be a honest person.

2. Reliable and cooperative team player; displays consideration and respect for others

3. Ability to work effectively with all levels of the organization.

4. Independently and proactively communicates issues, priorities and objectives.

5. Organized with a strong attention to detail.

6. Communicates (oral and written) effectively with the management groups and office technical staff.

7. Excels in making appropriate judgments, considers alternative actions.

8. Ability to anticipate, identify and solve critical problems.

9. Ability to develop and articulate technical concepts for general use.

To apply for this position

Send an e-mail with a resume and cover letter in the body of the e-mail (or as attachments). Attachments should be in one of the following standard formats:

  • HTML
  • Microsoft Word (Mac or Windows), RTF, Works, Write or Excel
  • WordPerfect (Mac or Windows)
  • Lotus Word Pro, AMI Pro or 1-2-3
  • ASCII or Unicode text (plain text)
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