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IT/Desktop Support

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Company: EVONA

 Job description:

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New Mexico, United States

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IT Specialist

Location: Remote (US)

EVONA have partnered with a trailblazer in geospatial analytics empowering organizations reliant on scientific insights from real-world events, is seeking a talented Front-End/Full-Stack Engineer to join our dynamic team. As a remote-first organization, they prioritize your well-being, productivity, and career growth, offering a flexible work environment that aligns with your lifestyle.

They are a remote-first, deliberately distributed company, committed to supporting our employees’ diverse needs and lifestyles. They believe in enhancing well-being and productivity, recognizing that each individual’s path to success is unique.

Position Overview:

We are seeking an IT Specialist with expertise in software, networking, customer service, and troubleshooting to ensure smooth operations. The ideal candidate will excel in remote desktop support for both MacOS and Windows clients, manage software updates and installations, and handle access and authorizations across various online tools.

Key Responsibilities:

Manage and maintain all desktops and laptops.

Assist in onboarding and offboarding employees, ensuring quick access to accounts, laptops, and services.

Address all desktop and client support issues.

Administer accounts on SaaS tools and develop SSO workflows.

Oversee billing and budgets for SaaS tools.

Collaborate with security personnel to maintain a secure desktop environment.

Required Skills and Experience:

Expert troubleshooting abilities.

Strong customer service skills.

Proficiency with MacOS and Windows systems.

Experience as a Google Workspace administrator.

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience in remote management and automation of client laptops, networks, and meeting equipment.

Familiarity with Okta or other SSO solutions.

Ability to script for remote installations and patches, or a willingness to learn.

Why Join:

We prioritize collaboration over ownership, iteration over perfection, and principles over rules.

We leverage cuttingedge technology to address global challenges with a focus on sustainability and impact science.

We foster an inclusive work environment where respect and professional regard are paramount.

We promote teamwork and celebrate collaborative success.

We offer a flexible work environment.

Competitive compensation package including salary, medical plans, dental, life, and disability insurance, 401K, paid holidays, and PTO.

If your skills and interests align with this role.

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