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Over 5,000 passengers will be able to travel on the “Hotel that never lands,” which will be operated by Al

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Netizens are perplexed by a video showing how a hotel that never lands operates. Hashem Al-Ghaili is the designer of Sky Cruise. It is an Al-piloted aeroplane that can accommodate 5,000 passengers.

The 20 nuclear-powered engines on the jumbo jet will keep it aloft for the duration of the journey. Hashem AI-Ghaili predicted that even maintenance would be done in the air.

The plane will have a vault that gives visitors a 360-degree view of the sky, a deck for entertainment, a mall, sports facilities, eateries, lounges, playgrounds, movies, swimming pools, wedding venues, and conference spaces.

The flying hotel’s debut has not yet been announced. Netizens are naturally perplexed by the idea at this point.

Although everyone was in awe of this technological marvel and it appeared that the airships from the Marvel and Star Wars comic books were becoming a reality, some people criticized the airship for being a haven for wealthy people in the event of a catastrophe. Another person said that the ticket to the lowest deck, where there is no room for legs and no access to a lounge, will at least be reasonably priced.

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