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Google Hangouts will be discontinued in November, and users are urged to switch to Chat

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Later this year, Google Hangouts will be terminated, and the company is commencing the transition of its customers to the Chat platform. The search engine behemoth will discontinue Hangouts by November of this year, as originally promised in October 2020.

Users of Hangouts can download their data before November, according to Google. According to the company, Chat has been updated with new capabilities and improved user integration.

“We have continued to invest in Chat to help people better collaborate and express themselves, and now we are taking steps to help remaining Hangouts users move to Chat,” Ravi Kanneganti, Product Manager, Google Chat, said in a blogpost.

You’ll get a pop-up screen instructing you to switch to Chat in Gmail or the Chat app if you’re still using Hangouts on your phone. Furthermore, it states that PC users who have the Hangouts Chrome extension must switch to Chat on the web or download the Chat web app.

People can converse with their friends or coworkers and work on various files in this way. It’s clear that Google wants Chats to be a strong rival to existing collaboration tools like Slack, Flock, Teams, and others.

In addition, Google is introducing additional sophisticated interface features that will make Chat even more appealing to users.

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