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Over 400 million Google accounts have used passkeys, but our passwordless future remains elusive

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Google is kicking off World Password Day by updating us on its efforts to replace the often hacked, guessed, and stolen form of authentication with passkeys. Their passwordless approach relies on device-based authentication instead, making logging in faster and more secure.

In a blog post on Thursday, the company announced that over 400 million Google accounts (of the at least 1.5 billion reported since 2018) have used passkeys since rolling them out, logging over a billion authentications between them. The majority of users find them easier to use than passwords, according to Google, adding that “since launching, passkeys have proven to be faster than passwords, since they only require users to simply unlock their device using a fingerprint, face scan or pin to log in.”

Google’s passkey milestones suggest that plenty of people are adopting the sign-on tech, but not everyone is convinced by how the rollout is going. Despite support for passkeys from Microsoft, Apple, Google, and third-party login managers like 1Password and Dashlane, plenty of people have posted about their resistance online, ranging from confusion over the need for passkeys to complaints about various bugs or issues users have encountered with them.

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