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Beats announces Solo 4 headphones and $79.99 Solo Buds

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Beats just announced its new Solo 4, its latest in a long line of on-ear wireless headphones. The latest model, priced at $199.99, offers battery life of up to 50 hours. That endurance is no doubt helped by the fact that these lack active noise cancellation, a feature present in many competing products at the same price point. But Beats says plenty of other improvements await buyers of the Solo 4.

For one, they support wired audio over both USB-C and the 3.5mm jack. And these headphones have passive tuning, meaning they can keep playing when plugged in even when the battery is dead — without any degradation in sound. Beats is also hyping all the custom acoustic architecture that’s gone into the Solo 4. And just like the Beats Studio Pro headphones released last year, these support native software features on both iOS and Android.

Wouldn’t you know it, but I’ve actually been testing the Solo 4 on-ears for about a week now, and you can read my full review right now.

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