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Microsoft might be getting set to launch Windows 12 in 2024 with a major upgrade.

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Microsoft is altering how it delivers major Windows versions once more, which might lead to the release of Windows 12 in 2024. According to Windows Central, Microsoft is returning to a three-year release cycle for Windows, which implies the 2024 release date has been moved up. It is yet another significant shift in how Microsoft creates Windows.

With the launch of Windows 10 in 2015, Microsoft first abandoned its three-year cycle in favour of the concept of Windows as a service. Windows 10 was updated twice a year with significant new features as opposed to a huge release of features every three years in a new Windows version. After a Microsoft employee referred to Windows 10 as “the last version of Windows,” many Windows observers believed for years that it would be the final big-bang release of Windows.

Microsoft didn’t ignore their remarks; rather, it stated at the time that they “represent the way Windows will be provided as a service, providing new innovations and updates in an ongoing manner.” When Windows 11 was released last year, everything changed, and Microsoft switched to an annual update cycle for both Windows 10 and 11.

Given Microsoft’s switch to the Windows 11 branding, it is sense to anticipate branding changes for any upcoming significant Windows releases. Many people are now questioning if Windows 12 is coming since Microsoft hasn’t yet adopted Windows 11.1 or 11.2 with its significant Windows 11 improvements.

Microsoft still has plans to keep Windows 11 current in the years to come, along with the release of the following version of Windows in 2024. In recent months, the software developer has backed off from its initial commitment to release significant annual updates for Windows 11 in favour of releasing key features as they become available. The upcoming 22H2 big upgrade was recently finalized by Microsoft, and it is presently anticipated to release in September or October.

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