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Microsoft Edge is reportedly rolling out a new ‘drop’ function that will allow users to exchange files across logged-in devices.

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The new Drop feature, which has been discovered in Microsoft Edge’s Canary channel, is now being tested and will allow users to store and share files among devices and platforms, according to a report.

Microsoft Edge is working on a number of new capabilities to make it swifter for users to share and save data across several devices. One of these features is the ‘Drop’ option.

This feature, according to sources, works similarly to a messaging service. Users will allegedly be able to access anything and exchange files, chats, and photographs across all of their logged-in devices.

Drop is now accessible exclusively to Microsoft Edge Insiders on the newest Canary channel version, and it appears to be part of a restricted feature release. This implies you might not be able to view the functionality even if you’re in the Canary channel.

Microsoft is continually developing new Edge features, which you may or may not enjoy. The company has joined with CloudFlare to create Secure Network Mode, a built-in VPN service that protects your data while you browse the internet. Microsoft also stated at its Build event last week that it is upgrading the PWA experience on Edge so that web apps seem more like native apps.

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