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Apple’s next iPhone and iPad software will include a slew of significant improvements.

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With its future software upgrades, iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, Apple is slated to introduce a flurry of new changes to iPhones and iPads, which the company is scheduled to reveal during its WWDC 2022 developer keynote on June 6.

According to Bloomberg, upgrades to the iPhone include alerts, messaging, and the Health app. Last year, Apple also offered additional notification features, such as the ability to group them together into a summary at a specified time of day and a new Focus mode that restricts the number of alerts you receive at specific times. According to Bloomberg, the messaging app will acquire additional audio features.

On the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, Apple is expected to add additional widgets to the lock screen, as well as support for “always-on” displays. That way, even if your iPhone is merely resting on your desk, you can view widgets. When the iPhone is not in use, the screen becomes dark. Always-on screens, on the other hand, have become standard on Android phones from Samsung, Google, and other manufacturers.

Apple will also provide additional iPad multitasking capabilities, according to the source. It made it much simpler to run two applications side by side last year, but some iPad users have long desired the ability to run several programs in independent windows, similar to how you would on a Mac.

Bloomberg reports that Apple may also unveil new MacBook Air laptops during the event.

Still, because Apple usually announces its new iPhone in the fall, it will be a few months before people can purchase phones with that capability.

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