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 Android 12 arrives on the two-year-old Chromecast with Google TV

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Android 12 is rolling out for the 4K model of the Chromecast with Google TV, 9to5Google reports. The update for the 2020 streaming dongle follows the release of Google’s cheaper HD model last month, which shipped with Android 12 out of the box. To download the update on the 4K dongle, navigate to the profile icon at the top right of the interface, then hit Settings, System, About, and select System Update.

The update doesn’t add any major new features to the two-year-old streaming dongle, but it contains a couple of new settings that should improve playback in certain situations. FlatPanelsHD reports that the biggest is a new frame rate matching feature that should cut down on judder by allowing the Chromecast to match the frame rate of content being played. There are also new settings to control HDR formats and surround sound.

9to5Google also notes that the update lets users cut off camera and microphone access for apps. So if you like to use your Chromecast with Google TV for Duo calls by, say, plugging in a webcam via a USB-C hub, then the new update offers more control over when apps can see and hear you. The release notes also list vague bullets for “increased security and privacy” and “bug fixes and performance improvements.”

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