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TTech_Senior Cloud Sales Specialist USA

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Company: Telefónica

We are looking for a driven, high-energy, successful sales representative to contribute to accelerate Telefonica Tech´s growth in U.S. by attracting new customers and help them identify and assess the security risks of their infrastructure, platforms, devices, and processes and lead them to adopt holistic and effective cybersecurity solutions.

Job Description:

  • Serve as a knowledgeable advisor to prospective customers to sell Telefonica Tech’s services and products while providing support and guidance.
  • Perform sales activities, prepare cost estimates for licensing, product as well as professional services (deployment, migration, implementation, outsourcing, assessments). Develop solutions including service designs, statements of work, licensing and bills of materials. Cloud Journey, and Cloud public options.

About the company: 

We are a global leading company in digital transformation and the cradle of talent in Cybersecurity and Cloud. In Telefonica Tech we unlock the power of integrating technology

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