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Tech Jobs

Software Developer- Entry Level

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Company: Apprentice Now

Job Description:

You will have the opportunity to work alongside a team of professionals to solve real-life problems and learn how to make an impact. They will equip you with everything you need to know to make a meaningful impact as a professional within their organization and start your new career off right! This is a Full-time, salaried opportunity, with benefits and no prior technical experience required.

• Responsible for developing solutions for clients using appropriate software
• Involves day-to-day configuration, build, test, support, and maintenance
• Build and test interfaces for application development assignments
• Test all code developed as per the defined quality process standard
• Develop user-facing applications that address the functional requirements while providing a superior user experience to the end-users
• Develop software and integration flows for clients
• Design, execute and automate scenarios, scripts, and procedures

About the company: 

Apprentice Now has an excellent tech job opportunity for individuals looking to start and build a new career in technology as a Software Developer. Our client is an industry leader in technology services and consulting, providing you a great job opportunity in the tech field to get your foot in the door!

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