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Senior Simulation Developer

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Company: Sev1Tech LLC  

Job Description:

  • Develop simulations to protect our future
  • Use developed simulations to conduct performance analyses and support system engineering discrimination products for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA)
  • Coordinate analysis activities and products with functional group leads, senior management, and government personnel responsible for executing analysis tasks
  • Document analysis results in reports and briefings to be presented to the Missile Defense National Team (MDNT) and Missile Defense Agency (MDA) representatives
  • Opportunity to expand into leadership of a small development and investigative team
  • Collaborate with a multi-discipline engineering team using Agile development processes
  • 100% on-site

About the company: 

Founded in 2010, Sev1Tech provides IT, engineering, and program management solutions delivery. Sev1Tech focuses on providing program and IT support services to critical missions across Federal and Commercial Clients. Our Mission is to Build better companies. Enable better government. Protect our nation. Build better humans across the country.

Join the Sev1Tech family where you can achieve great accomplishments while fostering a satisfying and rewarding career progression.

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