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Mid-Level PHP/MySQL Programmer/Developer

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Company: ApplicantPro

This role is not a research project in the corner, but will have clear, measurable impact. Aside from the algorithms side, this person will collaborate heavily with product and design to inform the seat selection / UX roadmaWe just need someone that knows how to put their head down and throw down some decent code,” a taller male with short hair says. Someone mentioned his name was Ty earlier; you mentally note that and continue to listen, “We have too much to program and not enough developers

Well the ideal person can’t be a junior dev cause we’re looking for someone with decent PHP experience, but I think we could hire someone if they had some decent personal experience. We need someone to hit the ground running so to speak. They don’t necessarily need to be familiar with a particular PHP framework, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt if they did. Heck they could be familiar with Python, Ruby, or Java for all I care as long as they know what they’re doing! Oh, and they’ll definitely have to know how to work with MySQL too!” a lady says as she sips on her Italian soda. “There’s a lot of programmers out there and they’ve only worked on dinky little projects and they have no idea how to work with something substantial.

About The Company:

At ApplicantPro our focus is on providing easy-to-use solutions that inspire efficiency and optimized hiring practices. Not only do we provide an integrated applicant tracking system, but we also do background checks, pre-employment assessment testing, paperless onboarding, tax credits, skills testing, and video interviewing. We have become a leading provider of hiring software for nearly 4,000 organizations including small businesses on up to enterprise sized organizations.

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