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Manager, Tier 1 Technical Support

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Manager, Tier 1 Technical Support

Company: Total Expert

Job Description:

We are looking for a Manager, Tier 1 Technical Support to oversee our 18 person tier 1 technical support team including T1 Technical Support, Sr. T1 Technical Support, and Team Leads


The primary responsibilities of the Manger, Tier 1 Support are to provide effective team management through motivation and engaging leadership tactics, focusing on performance management, and providing constructive feedback and opportunities for employee growth. Operating tactically and thinking strategically is key to success in this role.

We would prefer to hire a candidate local to the Twin Cities working on a hybrid basis, but will consider remote candidates (quarterly travel).

  • Recruit, mentor, and develop Technical Support staff and nurture an environment where they can excel.
  • Provide day-to-day leadership to Technical Support team that is positive, collaborative, and aligned with Total Expert Core Values.
  • Ensure all team members consistent adherence and achievement of all customer satisfaction performance objectives.
  • Set team and individual goals, ensuring alignment with key success metrics.
  • Ensure consistent and proper resource scheduling to ensure adequate optimal operations and coverage.

About the company:

Total Expert is a pre-IPO, series C, $50M (annual recurring revenue) fintech company. We are growing fast (between 30-40% annually), and as a CRM and marketing automation platform purpose-built for lenders and banks, we enjoy a tremendous product market fit for the world-class financial institutions we serve.

The Total Expert platform unifies data, marketing, sales, and compliance solutions to provide a cohesive experience across the customer lifecycle. We are determined to reimagine the way people and technology work together so that our customers build more meaningful, human connections with their customers.

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