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Maintenance Tech

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Company: Jacksonville, AR 72076

Job Description

-Handle routine maintenance projects as scheduled/assigned by supervisory personnel.

-Respond to maintenance requests and work orders within 24 hours as assigned by Supervisor. Report any delays to Supervisor.

-Participate in safety programs and be familiar with evacuation procedures.

-Know all emergency shut off systems, such as gas, water and electric. Be familiar with procedures to secure property in an emergency.

-Make sure storage areas are neat and organized.

-Perform basic plumbing and electrical repairs.

-Participate in preparation of unit turn over including painting, cleaning, repairs, etc.

-Perform necessary painting in common areas as needed.

-Maintain the grounds and common areas, trees, shrubs, walkways, roadways, parking areas of the community so they are hazard free and free of litter.

-Participate in systematic removal of trash from premises.

-Read and comprehend operating manuals and directions for any equipment used by the community.

-Read and comprehend all instructions for using chemicals, cleaning solvents, etc. used at the property.

-Participate in “call-back” rotation as required.

-Practice being diplomatic in relationship with residents, staff, outside contractors, state/local officials and the public.

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