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L2 Data Center Project Tech

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Company: F2Onsite

Our client in the energy industry has an upcoming Data Center survey type project. They are looking for L2 Data Center Operations Techs for a duration of 3 months onsite.

Job Description:

• Identifying all Data Center devices
• documenting serial numbers, make.model etc
• Must be able to differentiate between AC and DC powered devices, validate if power to devices is redundant
• Cord tracing and labeling
• Will need to identify device owners to coordinate short outages while moving power sources etc
• There will be some off hours work on Friday evenings when doing power testing

About The Company

WHAT WE DO: Our focus is Hardware: Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Printers, POS systems, and LCDs. We have hundreds of team members across the US who work Onsite at customer locations – providing hardware break/fix services, migrate data, install computers, move printers, install/fix servers and POS systems. We close thousands of service calls each week, and do whatever it takes to get our customers up and running again. We specialize in all types of technology, projects, desktop support and more

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