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When notifications remind us of things we’d rather forget

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My breaking point with promotional emails and desktop alerts finally happened a few weeks ago. I woke up at 7AM to an automated email with my friend’s death-a-versary in the subject line. The email itself was annoying enough, but what it said made it a cold, thoughtless annoyance: “Being remembered matters. The flowers you sent last year were a comforting gesture of sympathy and support.” 

I didn’t send flowers. I planted a tree. That’s what my friend wanted. It was right there on the obituary guestbook was asking me to sign again.

Actually, the email was just the last straw. Things were kicked off a few months earlier by a Microsoft OneDrive notification. I had just switched from Google Drive, and instead of making a new email address, I used an ancient Hotmail account that’s been tied to my Xbox account for over a decade. If you had told me I had photos in that email’s cloud storage, I wouldn’t have believed you. I’d swear up and down I never used cloud storage under that email address. Yet, a day after I updated my subscription, an “On this day” memories alert popped up.

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