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TikTok and Oracle teamed up after all, but concerns about data privacy remain.

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TikTok stated on Friday that it had begun routing data from American users to Oracle-owned servers in the United States. However, a recent investigation from BuzzFeed News casts doubt on whether TikTok’s guarantee is truly fulfilled, alleging that TikTok personnel stationed in China “repeatedly” accessed US customers’ data for at least several months.

TikTok staffers reportedly stated in recordings of internal staff meetings and presentations obtained by BuzzFeed News that they had to ask their Chinese colleagues for access to US user data because they couldn’t get it themselves. “Everything is seen in China,” one member of TikTok’s trust and safety department allegedly asserted, while another employee claimed that a China-based engineer “had access to everything.”

TikTok has been chastised for years for possibly exposing the data of US users to TikTok’s parent firm, ByteDance, which is based in China. Former President Donald Trump threatened TikTok with a statewide ban in 2020 and tried to compel the business to separate its US-based assets from ByteDance, claiming it was a national security danger.

While TikTok never really sold its assets in the United States, it did consider making Oracle its “trusted technology partner.” After President Joe Biden took office, the agreement appeared to be dead, but it reappeared in March with tales of something named Project Texas.Read more about this at

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