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The Supercut app brings good Netflix to the Vision Pro

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Netflix said last year that it had no plans for a native app for the Apple Vision Pro — a disappointment for owners given how well-suited it is for the task. Now, a new app called Supercut brings Netflix streaming to Apple’s headset without letterboxing bars on the top and bottom of the video; it also supports 4K streaming with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

Made by developer Christian Privitelli, Supercut offers playback controls — including subtitles, audio output, playback speed, and the ability to skip ahead or back a few seconds — plus the ability to switch between profiles on the fly. It even gives you a visual indicator telling you whether your video is outputting in one or both of the Dolby formats and what resolution you’re streaming at.

Privitelli told The Verge in an interview that he’s presenting Netflix in a web view, similar to that used by Christian Selig’s YouTube player, Juno. “It basically just overlays native UI on top of the website,” he said, “and then modifies the website in a way to make it feel more at home on visionOS.”

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