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The Biden administration grants $2.8 billion for US mineral and EV battery manufacture.

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The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will provide funds totaling $2.8 billion to the US Department of Energy to support domestic mineral and battery production, the White House stated on Wednesday. A fresh government-wide programme to improve supply chains to promote the production of electric vehicles is also being launched by the Biden administration.

It was President Biden’s most recent action in favour of the switch from gas-powered cars that emit pollution to zero-emission electric vehicles, with the aim of having 50% of all new cars sold in 2030 be electric. It also occurs at a time when automakers, mining authorities, and environmentalists have issued warnings over the US supply of vital minerals needed to fuel the rise in electric vehicles.

20 manufacturing and processing businesses will receive the DOE funds for projects spread across 12 states. The White House claims that these initiatives will enable the manufacturing of enough lithium, graphite, and nickel to allow the annual production of millions of new electric vehicle batteries.

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