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Sennheiser’s new fitness buds do heart rate tracking right

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Iwas a little skeptical of the $329.95 Sennheiser Momentum Sport earbuds. Other earbuds I’ve tested with heart rate tracking were fiddly. The workout tracking could be well-intentioned but a bit hit-or-miss in practice. So, I was pleasantly surprised that the Momentum Sport buds delivered what was promised — a simple way to view real-time fitness metrics without sacrificing sound quality.

Most fitness buds have extra bass, a more secure fit, and an emphasis on durability. The Momentum Sport have that, plus an optical heart rate sensor and temperature sensor. The pitch here is that the ear is actually a more accurate place to gather this kind of data than the wrist (which is technically true!). It also integrates with the Polar Flow app, giving you access to Polar’s training analytics, voice guidance, and coaching. In some respects, it works a lot like a chest strap… albeit one you can stuff in your ears and that plays music.

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