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Reddit brings back its old award system — ‘we messed up’

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Reddit is re-introducing a revised version of the awards system it phased out last year after acknowledging the golden upvote system had “missed the mark.”

“We tried something new, it wasn’t great (you called it),” Reddit said in its announcement post on Wednesday. “So we’re (re)launching awards, not-so-new but definitely improved. Rollout starts today on and Reddit’s iOS and Android apps.”

Most of the previous award system mechanisms will remain the same, according to Reddit, with a few tweaks — such as an award button placed under eligible posts, an updated UI to minimize clutter, and an awards leaderboard that displays the top gold and awards earned for a comment or post. New safety features have been introduced to keep awards off sensitive or NSFW subreddits, and allow users to report when awards are being misused. The platform has also created new awards and updated some of the old award designs.

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