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Official: here’s the DJI Avata 2, possibly one of the best sequels in years

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The DJI Avata is my favorite drone for people who want to fly, not just film. The starter kit comes with a wand and goggles that let you skim and soar to your heart’s delight with a first-person view from the sky. But you might not want to buy an original Avata anymore — because the just-announced DJI Avata 2 seems even better for hundreds of dollars less.

After weeks of leaks, DJI is revealing the Avata 2 in full, and we’ve been playing with one for several days now. It looks better, it flies better, it lasts longer, and most importantly, the kit you want with goggles and controller starts at just $999 — down from the $1,388 you’d pay for the OG or the $1,278 after DJI swapped out the original kit’s goggles for a slightly cheaper and comfier model. You can also buy the new drone a la carte for $489, down from the $629 DJI charged for the original.

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