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Microsoft has released a new AI-powered sales tool called Viva Sales.

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Microsoft has launched Viva Sales, a new sales tool that is the company’s first job-specific module of its Viva Insights recommendation engine.

Viva Insights, which was launched last year, provides employees with personalized news, statistics, and expertise. According to Jared Spataro, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of contemporary work, until now, every Viva module has been broadly applicable to every Microsoft employee. “Viva Sales is the first module to use a multi-dimensional approach. It focuses on assisting individuals, particularly salesmen, in doing their tasks.”

Viva Sales is a “smart CRM companion” that leverages machine learning to turn customer engagement data from Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams into tailored recommendations and insights for salespeople. The solution, according to Spataro, should operate as a “bridge” between CRM software and communication tools, acting as an “intelligent layer” that connects the dots across platforms.

A salesperson, for example, can tag customers in Outlook, Teams, or Office apps like Excel, allowing Viva Sales to collect it as a customer record and associate it with any relevant CRM data. Viva Sales can then suggest the next steps to move a customer farther down the sales funnel, prioritize work, and give sellers access to a complete history of all client contacts.

In addition, the platform employs Context IQ to ensure that relevant content is connected across Microsoft apps and services such as Dynamics 365 and Microsoft.

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