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iPads made flight decks digital — now United is using them to confirm airplane maintenance

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It’s great that iPads can help pilots replace heavy paper flight plans and logbooks, but digitizing airplane maintenance could arguably be even more important. Apple and United announced today that the latter is now doable, after United received the first and only FAA approval to complete maintenance sign-off via iPads.

Now, United can do all of that, including communications, on an iPad. “We were the first airline to receive approval from the FAA to digitize the MRD because we use Touch ID,” said United executive VP and chief customer officer Linda Jojo in a new marketing video.

Mansur Zia, a United lead line technician, is shown in the video creating an oil service ticket and using Touch ID to sign off on the plane, all on the airline’s internal United Tech app for iPad. “It expedites the MRD process by 10 minutes — that saves our customers 13 million minutes per year,” Zia said. The app is said to reduce quick-turn tech operation delays by 20 percent and deferred maintenance items by 30 percent. And hopefully, all that means you’ll get going even sooner.

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