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Intel intends to hike CPU pricing this year

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The cost of Intel’s processors and chips will soon skyrocket. According to Nikkei, the chip manufacturer will increase the pricing on its top-tier CPUs and a variety of other chips, including Wi-Fi and other connectivity chips, later this year. Intel has already alerted its customers about the price changes, which are anticipated to result in further price rises for PCs and laptops throughout the holiday season.

According to Nikkei, pricing hasn’t been decided upon, although some chips may increase by 20%. Due to continuous inflation and increased prices for raw materials, transportation, and labour, Intel issued a warning earlier this year that price increases for some chips might be in the works. According to an Intel spokeswoman in a statement to Nikkei, “On its Q1 results call, Intel announced it will increase pricing in certain parts of its business due to inflationary pressures.”

 “The business has the price increases are scheduled to occur at a time when PC shipments are already down significantly, and inflation is already having an effect on average selling prices of PCs. This week, Gartner disclosed that the global shipment of PCs fell by around 13% in this quarter. According to a press release from Gartner, “this is the worldwide PC market’s greatest decrease in nine years, driven by geopolitical, economic, and supply chain problems hitting all regional markets.” started alerting customers about these changes.”

Gartner attributes the PC loss to inflationary pressure and a “sharp downturn in demand for Chromebooks,” despite the fact that component shortages are beginning to improve. During the first two years of the epidemic, the PC market grew extraordinarily, but the combination of rising food, gasoline, and energy prices and people spending less time at home has brought the PC market back to earth.

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