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 Here are the first “digital collectibles” for PlayStation Stars that aren’t NFTs.

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Sony revealed some of the first “digital artifacts” that will be offered as incentives for its PlayStation Stars loyalty program during its State of Play event on Tuesday. The products, which Sony maintains are not NFTs or blockchain-based, are essentially virtual statues of devices such as the PlayStation 3 and the PocketStation PDA / handheld gaming device, as well as characters from games such as Ape Escape 2 and Sony mascots such as Polygon Man.

Members of the PlayStation Stars program will be able to earn points in addition to digital items, according to Sony’s announcement earlier this summer. It’s unclear what the points will be used for, but the firm has hinted that users may be able to use them to purchase PlayStation Store items or even pocket funds that can be used to buy games. To earn points and items, PlayStation Stars will require you to participate in campaigns, which may include things like competitions or simply playing a game once a month. Another campaign listed on the PlayStation website proposes earning one by becoming the first person in your time zone to obtain a specific platinum trophy.  

According to a blog post from Tuesday, one of the first campaigns will be called “Hit Play/1994,” which will involve launching “games that match song-based clues.” That’s pretty much all Sony’s said about the event at this point, noting that more details are coming later, and that participating will let you win digital collectibles.

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