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Google adds a badge to Search and Maps to distinguish companies with Asian owners

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Google is adding a label to help searchers easily find businesses that self-identify as Asian-owned. Google’s addition of business attributes that highlight identity popped up first with tags for 

women-led businesses in 2018. Later that year, Google added labels to distinguish veteran-owned businesses on searches and Maps

In July 2020, Google introduced its label to focus searches seeking Black-owned businesses, in September 2021, Google added a Latino-owned tag, and most recently in June, the company added LGBTQ-led businesses to the list. Asian-owned businesses will be identified by a red and orange flower.

Similar to what we’ve seen with the other tags, Google searches and Google Maps now make it simple for users to locate businesses that are owned by Asians. The label can be added by opting in, and business owners who have already built a verified business listing with Google can also opt-out at any time.

Google’s initiative to aid in the identification of firms with Asian ownership follows Yelp’s addition of labeling for such businesses in April 2021. Product manager Leanne Luce discussed a partnership to support thousands of Asian-owned small businesses in acquiring digital skills in a blog post announcing the new tag. She also discussed how Google is doing this to show support against violent acts that have targeted the Asian community and COVID-related business closures over the past few years.

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