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Garmin unveils its first smart blood pressure monitor.

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To go along with its other health-focused wearables, Garmin now offers a smart blood pressure monitor that has received FDA clearance (not to be confused with FDA approval). Users of the Garmin Index BPM Smart Blood Pressure Monitor may take systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings, and the gadget syncs the results with the Garmin Connect mobile app, which also syncs with other Garmin products including smartwatches, chest straps, smart scales, and cycle computers.According to Dan Bartel, vice president of global consumer sales at Garmin, “when using the Index BPM as part of the greater Garmin ecosystem, all of your health and fitness data can be accessed right in Garmin Connect, helping to provide you a more complete look at your overall health in one app.”

Users can schedule reminders to take their blood pressure. Readings are accessible to view in 7-day, 4-week, and 1-year reports. If you need to share them with a healthcare professional, you can export them as a PDF. The Index allows up to 16 people to track their unique readings and sync to their own Garmin Connect accounts. The cuff is adjustable to fit arms with a circumference ranging from 9 to 17 inches. The Index BPM needs four AAA batteries, and they can last up to nine months. 

In spite of Garmin’s claim that it is “small,” the device’s size is undoubtedly noticeable and resembles an InReach satellite phone. Unfortunately, we’ll have to put up with that weight for a while because it’s still unclear how effective smartwatches will be at monitoring blood pressure.

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