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Delta, the NFL, and the US Air Force are all using this app to prepare for harsh weather.

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To preserve lives as well as infrastructure, businesses, and local economies, planning is more important than ever as the severity, intensity, and frequency of climate disasters rise. One technologically advanced forecasting firm is now stepping up, delivering incredibly specific weather forecasts and pre-storm strategy plans down to the level of a city block.

Boston-based American Airlines, Uber, Delta, Ford, JetBlue, Meta, Raytheon, and the U.S. Air Force are just a few of the companies who use Predictions of rain, snow, fire hazard, and air quality are all included in the firm’s capabilities.New Jersey was horribly unprepared when storm Ida’s remnants hit the state almost a year ago. The planning was limited because the hurricane had passed, but the rainfall was enormous.

According to Caleb Stratton, chief resilience officer for the city of Hoboken, New Jersey, “it rained four inches in one hour during Ida, and we had a total of six and a half inches of rain, in one storm event, which is really exceptional.”

Only two square miles in size, Hoboken sits directly over the Hudson River from Manhattan and is home to more than 62,000 people. The city had been constructing protection in the shape of parks that serve as enormous drains because it is more prone to flooding.One of the parks is built on a huge, remotely controlled cistern that can store 200,000 gallons of water and release it as needed. 

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