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Boston Dynamics Atlas robot: a full history

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After 11 years, Boston Dynamics has said goodbye to its humanoid robot Atlas — but only the hydraulic version. In a video posted on YouTube, the robotics company says it’s time for Atlas to “kick back and relax” in retirement, letting the new all-electric Atlas take the reins.

Boston Dynamics revealed Atlas in 2013 as part of a contest for the Department of Defense. In its very first iteration, Atlas stood six feet, two inches tall and weighed 330 pounds. As Boston Dynamics continued to tweak Atlas’ design over the years, we’ve seen the robot hop, jump, and twirl across a mat and toss around tool bags.

The new Atlas comes with a big design change. Not only is it all-electric but it’s also outfitted with a ring light on its rounded head, along with rotating body parts that allow for improved agility and dexterity. Hopefully, this new bot will have similarly impressive dance moves to its predecessor.

Here’s a recap of Atlas’ entire history at Boston Dynamics.

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