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An Xbox VR headset is on the way, but it’s a ‘limited edition’ Meta Quest

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Microsoft is teaming up with Meta to create a limited edition Meta Quest VR headset that’s “inspired by Xbox.” While both Microsoft and Meta aren’t sharing full details on this VR headset, it sounds like it’s simply going to be a skinned Meta Quest 3 (or future unannounced version) that comes bundled with an Xbox controller.

“We’re working together again [with Microsoft] to create a limited-edition Meta Quest, inspired by Xbox,” says Meta in an announcement today. It’s part of Meta opening up its operating system that powers its Quest VR headsets to third-party hardware makers. Asus and Lenovo are creating dedicated headsets that run the Meta Horizon OS, but the partnership with Microsoft sounds like it’s simply a limited-edition headset — much like how Microsoft creates limited-edition Xbox consoles.

In an Instagram post, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the version of the headset that is being teased today “comes out of the box with Xbox controllers and Game Pass, so you can immediately just start playing on a big screen anywhere you go.”

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