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AMD’s next generation of AI laptop processors have a new name, too

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AMD announced at Computex 2024 its next generation of Ryzen laptop processors for generative AI workloads: the Ryzen AI 300 Series. It’s a re-brand of its top-tier Ryzen 9 chips. The new naming convention still includes the HX suffix AMD introduced in 2022, but it doesn’t indicate how many watts of power the chip draws. Instead, HX will simply refer to “top of stack” or the best and fastest Ryzen AI 300 chip.

The new Ryzen AI chips are built on AMD’s latest architectures for neural, integrated graphics, and general processing: XDNA2 for the NPU, RDNA 3.5 for the iGPU, which now has up to 16 compute units, and Zen 5 for the CPU. The first two processors in this series are the Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 and Ryzen AI 9 365. Both have 50 TOPS NPU, but the HX variant is the higher-end of the two.

The Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 is a 12-core/24-thread chip with a 5.1GHz max clock speed, 36MB cache, and Radeon 890M graphics. The Ryzen AI 9 365 is a 10-core/12-thread chip with a 5.0GHz max clock speed, 34 MB cache, and Radeon 880M graphics.

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