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8BitDo’s new IBM-like keyboard is all show but hits me in my mech heart

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I love a good re-skin or fresh coat of paint, and I can be a sucker for a little nostalgia bait just like anyone else. But let’s not mince words here: there’s no way 8BitDo’s upcoming $100 M Edition of its Retro Mechanical Keyboard will stand up to the legendary IBM Model M keyboards of yore — not in sound, typing feel, or relative chonkiness. However, it certainly looks the business, especially with the slick new wireless numpad / calculator combo pad 8BitDo will sell alongside it for another $44.99.

The M Edition has the same exact specs as 8BitDo’s previous Retro Keyboards, right down to the top-mount internal design, hot-swap PCB, dual wireless / USB-C wired connectivity, and the included Kailh Box White V2 clicky switches. It’s even got the same big, customizable A and B macro buttons as the NES, Famicom, and Commodore 64 versions (albeit in more subdued colors) — the joyously oversized buttons my former colleague Jon Porter said “stole the show” from the keyboard when he featured them in our ongoing Button of the Month series.

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