Orca Cred: Your Unique and Integrated Credentialing Software


The medical industry is a diverse field! As much as the healthcare providers work to ensure their patients are well cared for, the back-end offices have a ton of papers to go through so that they can get qualified professionals on board. Yes, you guessed it right!

Medical credentialing is the only way how management staff is sure about the credibility of the providers on duty. It is not an easy task at all. From collecting the right papers to giving the green signal to the board- credentialing goes through multiple steps. Is there any way to make it easier for the staff or the individual doctors without an in-house team?

Orca Cred, your unique and integrated credentialing software, is here to take care of all those needs in a much simpler way! You can make all those paperwork hassles go away by just switching to this user-friendly software platform. Do you think that there are already too many such options available in the market? Wait till you see what Orca Cred has in store for you. Read on to know more.

What is the difference between Orca Cred and the other credentialing software in the market?


  • Previously, the majority of such software was designed only for the staff members. For example, the credentialing staff who used to go through the paperwork manually now had a new software tool to make it automated for them. It was not designed for other users, new to the credentialing system.
  • On the other hand, Orca Cred can be used by any healthcare provider- doctors, nurse practitioners, other ancillary providers- practically, anybody without any knowledge of the procedure.
  • The credentialing team will definitely find it useful since it will eliminate the manual efforts they have to put in to get papers in place.
  • So, overall, Orca Cred is for any user, any stakeholder in the healthcare industry!


Eliminate Recurring Pain Points:


  • The software development team at QWay Technologies has designed this one-of-a-kind credentialing tool.
  • QWay has been serving the medical industry globally for more than a decade as a trusted revenue cycle management partner.
  • They know what the pain points of the industry are and have addressed them specifically through Orca Cred.

Orca Cred: Basic Features:

Here are the basic features that come with Orca Cred. 


  • Cloud Storage:


Secure cloud storage means that you can access your files any time anywhere- whether you are in the office or on vacation. Just upload the required papers- educational qualifications, training certificates, work history documents, medical license- and you can access them on the go. This can be very useful, especially in remote working conditions.



  • Expiration Alerts: 


With so many documents involved in the credentialing process, maintaining the updated papers can get tough. Orca Cred takes the liberty to remind you of any such looming deadlines well in advance so that you have your credentialing on point.



  • Automated Form Filling:


Providers need to fill out multiple forms when credentialing themselves with the insurance payers- be it Government payers or the private ones. Orca Cred makes it easier by auto populating the forms with the information already stored in the system. What’s more? It maintains a repository with the updated forms from all such stakeholders for you to choose.



  • E-Signature:


This feature completes the full cycle to make document filing easier. With Orca Cred, you need not print papers, sign them manually and send the scanned copies back. The hassle free e-signature support lets you zip through any file and sign it.



  • Incognito Transference:


You can say goodbye to the good old email for sharing your sensitive documents. Emails do not offer end to end encryption, making your files vulnerable to data breach. You can share a concealed file with your team securely through the Orca Cred tool itself.



  • Self-Onboarding Process:


Orca Cred thrives on user friendliness and makes every effort to ensure the users find it easy to operate. Once you create an account with Orca Cred, you will be guided through every step of the way till you have completed your profile, making it an effortless self-onboarding process.


Customizable Dashboard: The Unique Feature of the Tool 

Whether you have a large hospital chain or a small-scale physician clinic, you must take note of your financial performance at regular intervals to make sure you are on the right track. But how do you do it with a credentialing tool? Here is what Orca Cred offers:

  • The dashboard provides your entire credentialing timeline in a single frame.
  • Starting from the claim details to the document tracking, you get everything in one place.
  • The best part is that you can change the dashboard view according to your changing needs. 
  • Get your customized data in one single place and navigate easily to different systems with just a click.
  • The dashboard gets changed according to the different levels of authorization. This means it will show you one picture of the data if you are the practice manager of an organization and some other personalized data if you are a member of the healthcare providers in that organization.
  • This way Orca Cred makes your data easily accessible while also offering different levels of controlled viewing.

Final Thoughts

Orca Cred offers specifically designed features to simplify the medical credentialing procedure. Along with the basic features, it also gives the user a one of a kind experience on the platform. You can choose Orca Cred’s different plans according the needs of your organization. Whether you need a full-fledged management or just a maintenance plan- Orca Cred has you covered. 

That being said, there is more to this tool than mentioned in this blog. Get in touch with the team at https://orcacred.com/ to know the tool better. Schedule a free call and say goodbye to your medical credentialing worries forever!